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I am here on earth hoping to figure out what I am here to do. I aim to accept, I often fail. I intend to forgive, but sometimes forget. I am in love with love....and yet I am human so my ego blinds me and steers me from it. I wish to be all I intend to be, One day.

Who you are det…

Who you are determines what you perceive. What does this statement mean to you? Advertisements

Quote | Posted on | Leave a comment – Calif. Finds More Instances Of Offshore Fracking – 19 October 2013

Originally posted on Lucas 2012 Infos: The oil production technique known as fracking has been occurring on offshore platforms and man-made islands off some of Southern California’s most populous coastal communities. Interviews and drilling records obtained by The Associated Press…

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Really wanting to copy this info, it needs to be seen and not covered up. astases-gulf-14-7 Metastases of the Gulf of Mexico This is genocide. This is a problem of the whole state. Arsenic and other contaminants in the water [… has] more, and the situation is getting worse . Sen. Fred Mills, about what is happening on the lake. Pener … Continue reading

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9/27/2012 — Dutchsinse from 8-10PM CST — Deep Earth Bunker Radio

9/27/2012 — Dutchsinse from 8-10PM CST — Deep Earth Bunker Radio. I really enjoyed tonight’s radio broad cast. Thanks Dutch.

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My Favourite Time of Year

Originally posted on mocobabies:
“Mom, I have your Mother’s Day present in my backpack. I’m so excited.  I think I have to give it to you now.”  I knew it was pointless trying to talk him into waiting; he’s so…

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Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :
May 7, 2012 – ATHENS — A day after Greece’s two dominant parties collapsed at the polls, the leader of the center-right New Democracy party announced Monday that he had failed to form a…

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8 more days til…

8 more days till I turn 41. This year I am feeling very detached to birthday celebrations.  Wanting so badly to break away from what society tells us is normal. Like making a big deal for bdays, or cinco de … Continue reading

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