8 more days til…

8 more days till I turn 41. This year I am feeling very detached to birthday celebrations.  Wanting so badly to break away from what society tells us is normal. Like making a big deal for bdays, or cinco de mayo, how about valentines day. I hate having to follow along. I will use valentines day as my example. I personally do not want to keep feeding the consumer machine. BUT i keep on because I don’t want my children to be the kids that didn’t bring valentines cards and candy. 
With this being 2012 my view of our future based on our past is grim to say the least….if I have to spend money on bdays can’t we like change it up to  hey in honor of your bday i will buy XX amount of emergency food, or XX number of batteries and flash lights. 
C O N S U M E  C O N S U M E   C O N S U M E…….. 


About dingydarla

I am here on earth hoping to figure out what I am here to do. I aim to accept, I often fail. I intend to forgive, but sometimes forget. I am in love with love....and yet I am human so my ego blinds me and steers me from it. I wish to be all I intend to be, One day.
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