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Phys.org – Calif. Finds More Instances Of Offshore Fracking – 19 October 2013

This can only be more bad news for those of who live in and around the ocean.

Lucas 2012 Infos


The oil production technique known as fracking has been occurring on offshore platforms and man-made islands off some of Southern California’s most populous coastal communities.

Interviews and drilling records obtained by The Associated Press show fracking has occurred at least 200 times over the past two decades in waters off Long Beach, Seal Beach and Huntington Beach.

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Really wanting to copy this info, it needs to be seen and not covered up.



Metastases of the Gulf of Mexico

This is genocide. This is a problem of the whole state. Arsenic and other contaminants in the water [… has] more, and the situation is getting worse . 
Sen. Fred Mills, about what is happening on the lake. Pener and Bayou Corne.

The failure, which bring forth the abyss

In this part of the review, we will study in detail chronicled sprawl giant sinkhole in Louisiana, which recently marked one year. Especially that usually gets there first until Wikipedia is stingy with information . American geologists say thatnowhere in the world is nothing like this has ever been observed . Behind the phenomenon of the Bayu-Korn even stuck the title of “Mother of all karst failures.” Meanwhile, the failure of this creeps “methane gin”, which is powerless against the American army and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. What is this phenomenon? Not whether it is connected with the global genocidal program and the oil disaster of 2010,? Do bowels of the earth began to move, and people are driven from their homes? Expected Great Migration? Consider everything in order. technogenic accident in Bayou Corne – is the result of the creation of underground gas storage facilities, oil and toxic and radioactive waste man-made underground workings (including in the body of salt domes covering the shelf and the southern states). The United States was among the leaders in the use of artificial underground workings, so Hush-Korn – only a “second call” in front of a theater curtain. What to do with this disaster, no one knows why the local government has remained silent or outright nonsense, but the federal government is just waiting ’till the last. “

Salt dome, which is located on the edge of a giant crater, located 13 kilometers north-west of Napoleonville and plan in the shape of an oval the size of 1.5 x 5 km , and vertically like a giant rickety stump stuck in the earth’s crust at a depth of several kilometers. In the area of contact with the failure (or more precisely with the expanding karst lake), the dome collapses rapidly. 1 Calculations show that in the event of dissolution of the upper part of the salt dome, in its place will bea “hole” area of 50 km 2 . But the problem is not only that. Napoleonvillsky karst collapse began to take shape in the area of work of “Texas Brown» (Texas Brine), apparently still in June 2012, the . It was then that the first reports of gas bubbles, the striker out of the ground and very tangible seismic shocks. Natural gas , the allocation of which bothered the locals had a rather unstable structure . But the tremors were regular, short-and long-period . On July 24, 2012, the count of the number of aftershocks went on to hundreds per day, and on August 2 they suddenly stopped. The next day, in the midst of an unusual “seysmoshtorma” was photographed sinkhole depth of 128 m Soon, this failure has grown to the size of a football field, and environmentalists began to record the ambient air a couple of acetone and diesel fuel. autumn of failure (the size is a few football fields) ” went ” oil and various components thereof . Around the same time, increased release of gases on the surface and around the famous Lake Pener ( 80 km west of Napoleonville). It recorded 79 cases of methane emissions , with 3 of them – one week февраля 2013th . So delineated bunch that what happens in the Bayou Corne, there and elsewhere.


It is noteworthy that on August 6 of 2012, three days after the “calm”, which marked the “birth” of the failure, tremors soil resumed. But now, against the background of the individual fluctuations over short and long-period clearly felt, and they lasted for a few minutes. In September 2012, the day was recorded at least one strong push. This combination of earth tremors here have never before been observed. The quake, which happened at night on September 14, was marked by the fact that the wake of the local “district.” In November 2012, the frequency and severity of shocks caused in Bayou Corne is a real panic. Authorities stolidly assured its citizens that no cause for concern . But amid these complacency became aware of numerous cases of concealment of important information from the local population . Chronological history of seismic events in Bayou Corne possible to trace in detail the available seismograms (Group LA12).

Land drilling of Texas Brine before the funnel (top left) and as at 12 April 2013 . (bottom left). From October 2012 to April 2013th area of “man-made” lake has tripled , and the total for the year – 100 times. Right: A typical gather in one of the checkpoints near failure (21 March 2013). On the seismic risk reported and environmentalists Louisiana (LEAN) (see their video in December of 2012).

The failure increased gradually, as if somewhere far below the huge salt dissolves Tower. But sometimes witnesses watched as the water and leave parts of the territory covered with 30-foot trees. Of course, the lucky ones who manage to be at the right time in the right place with the camera a bit: after all, local residents were evicted from there. To understand what is a karst collapse in Bayou Corne, I recommend to see the details of what is happening in the video, filmed on August 21 of this year . First, near the shoreline of the lake, to be called Hydroxy-3 in a circle with a diameter of about 40 m “boiling” water, and then at least 20 tall cypress trees with a crash of breaking branches fall into a bottomless abyss.The whole process takes less than 35 seconds. The surrounding water, surface debris and boom with great force “sucked” after the trees, followed by a reverse surge of water (the so-called “burp”). A similar phenomenon is observed in Bayou Corne regularly see, for example, messages from March 26 and 18 апреля 2013th . A similar event with a single cypress happen again the next morning, August 22 . The force with which an unknown force drags the tree under the water, appalling. Personally, my mind comes to the nursery rhyme ” Barabek “with a touch of kingovskih” The Langoliers “(Repealed 2:17:20).

“Ingestion” of two dozen 30-foot trees in 35 seconds . Frame 1: The ring of small bubbles of methane (?) Is part of the land (with the roots, stems and crowns of cypress) that came into motion. Frame 2: After 24 seconds the water rises only crown of the tallest trees.

Frame 3: Just a few seconds – and giants-fir disappear under water. Frame 4: Once a minute wander along the lake’s surface waves, driftwood and torn boom. Obviously, the trees do not fall into the abyss would, if they were not there utyanul piece of terra firma, in which they have grown their roots .

According to geologists, it looks as if on the periphery of the dome in the entrance area of tectonic faults began pressurization associated with some deep processes. This process leads to a change in direction and velocity of groundwater and karst formation dips. Perhaps in the case of the cave Hydroxy-3 was provoked all job making Texas Brine from the end of 2009 (crimping salt caves and their extension with hot steam and water). Through local tectonic faults gases and liquid hydrocarbons began to move upward in the section to the surface and made ​​contact with the underground flow of the Mississippi Delta. Began “spread” of the gases in the area. Best of all outputs of methane and its associated gases were visible on the water of rivers, channels, wetlands, and then most of the karst lake. Sometimes 30 meters from residential buildings . However, numerous fixed gas sensors and the “dry” areas under the foundations of buildings, and in open areas. A similar phenomenon is observed in the last week (see the video of the July 24, 2013 ) and N. Orleans: the entire plot Mark Brander (his resident suburbs) bubbles of gas emitted from the earth (with elev. 4:12). The same authorreported (with elev. 1:22) about the two explosions of unknown origin , blasts near his home in August 2010, [then still continued disaster in the Gulf of Mexico]. He refers them to the account of the underground and release of methane, but in local television news for some reason they blamed on “heat” (?) . Distance from New Orleans to the Napoleonville Salt Dome – about 80 km. A similar pattern is observed in the vicinity of gas emission and the surface of the lake. Pener . From the lake to the karst collapse – also 80 km. 2 It would seem that in this unusual body of water that has survived is catastrophic metamorphosis 32 years ago, the geological conditions had stabilized. However, everything is exactly “the opposite”. Namely, increasing the allocation of methane at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico (see hh. 14-5 and 14-6 ) and is 300 km south-east of the dome, on the east coast of the USA (1500 km to the north-east, where no fracturing produces), and even in the piece. New York (almost 2,000 km from the dome!) out of the ground beat methane geysers height of 10 m . Earlier, the review also shows that the melting of methane hydrates is global. Thus, methane is released from the earth and the ocean floor as near and at a great distance from Napoleonville salt dome, which means there is a large-scale process with endogenous, deep nature . His attributes are: increase in pressure and temperature at depth, seismic activity (partly correlated with areas of work EMG), the formation of ground failures in many states, a massive underground fires and explosions of methane emissions in urban areas, and frequent explosions on U.S. pipelines factories and warehouses. This is also, incidentally, applies to the “dormant bomb” in the western U.S., Yellowstone Park . 3 мая 2013th in Wyoming, an earthquake measuring 2.9 points ( the depth of the epicenter – 5 km , it is characteristic of the seismic events associated with the drilling and hydraulic fracturing). 1 августа 2013th received reports that there is a geyser woke up , slept for 8 years. Similar to this thread reports came from there and a few earlier. Unrest in California.Recently on youtube was published alarming comment geologist Pat Abbott (Pat Abbott) relative to the mud volcano with “explosive” last spewing volcanic gases near the town of San Diego. March 11, 2013 in the same area there was an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 points [ 4.7 points on the specified data]. Even if you reject the parallels with the movie ” 2012 “, one can not but agree that” it w-w-w – not without reason. ” But to return to Louisiana. Prerequisites for napoleonvillskoy crash have been identified for a few more years before the rise in Bayou Corne insatiable funnel. And, by the way, they gave rise to a video investigations, publications, and various versions of the relationship of two of the events : BP oil disaster and the failure of soil above the salt dome in Bayou Corne. Both from the ground surface to release methane and oil . And here again there is a “parallel”: in 2010 the high-pressure streams gushing from the explosion shattered the BE, BP’s third well, 40% consisted of natural gas . In the Gulf were released 500,000 tons of gas consisting of 95% methane, oil (the official) spilled 800,000 tons. After that, BP’s well “sealed”, but the sad experience of Hutchinson (see 14-6 h ) showed that the high-pressure gas is easy to find loopholes and workarounds. Hence, the logical question: Could not the many tectonic faults of the continental slope to open the way for methane N. Orleans, Lake Pener, Bayu-corn and other areas on the coast? I think they could and could not. Mentioned earlier, President Coastal Environments, Inc., Dr. S. Galliano for many years studied the tectonic faults of the Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico, 3 and concluded that the active migration of methane along these faults . In 2005, he included this dangerous process to one of the identified risks of oil and gas industry. And in the same 2005 have been fixed the first reports of the allocation of natural gas to the surface of the lake. Pener . And soon on the water surface of the lake began to observe an unusual foam .

Uncontrolled release of natural gas on the surface of the lake ( February 2013 ). Methane emission occurs both within the sinkhole and its surroundings on an area of 5 km 2 . Right: Flip of a mysterious foam , which for several years have seen on the surface of the lake Pener.

The fact that the salt cave Oxy-Geismar-3 (serial number 180708) is, in fact, an emergency, it was revealed in September 2010 [ ie almost immediately after sealing the well in the Gulf BP ]. Representatives of the Texas Brown   in 2010 and 2011 notified the U.S. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) about the “problem” with this well, but U.S. officials have not taken any action. Thus the information about the beginning of the destruction of the cave withheld from the public – even when local residents began to panic because of the aftershocks, strange smells, and ailments of the rampant failure. [Reader previous parts of the review will recall that the same inaction were met and signals on the accident wells BP – long before the disaster. And then followed by silence and the real extent and impact of the largest in the history of the U.S. oil disaster.] Against the background of alarm on the part of Texas Brine occurred strange resignation and appointment of the Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources ( without explanation of reasons). But the main thing: the ministry for over a year knew about the emergency situation in the salt dome, and yet issued a permit for injectionof radioactive waste in the production of a salt dome . 4 in March 2013th followed clarified that since the 1990’s. such waste is managed to upload a dozen caves of the salt dome. One of the openings under the radioactive waste is in the vicinity of the oxy-3. Not surprisingly, many researchers argue that the risks associated with underground radioactive waste dump deliberately concealed by the authorities . So, in the summer of 2012, when the intensity, the frequency of earthquakes and volumes of methane near failure began to grow at an alarming rate, the local authorities ruled out any connection between these processes and urged all to calm down (say, “do not worry, everything will resolve itself”). This went on for as long as the situation does not become overtly threatening. The same thing was observed two years earlier, a couple of hundred kilometers to the south – in the Gulf of Mexico .] Said salt cave Oxy-Geismar-3, which is located in the marginal zone of the diapir, before this whole 28 years was in operation. Consequently, the company’s geologists know and salt dome, and the local geological situation. And here is what to look for. “It just so happened” that through the existing tectonic faults that failure was associated with oil and gas deposits, lying at a depth of about 1.5 km. At the same zone “accidentally” was one of the man-made caves, which are created by leaching salts with a controlled flow water. These caves are the storage form of a highly elongated cone height of 700 meters and a base diameter of about 100 m (see Fig. below).

A fragment of a schematic model of the edge of the salt dome in the section “West-East” (of the official presentations for December 2012 and February 2013 ). Top left – a newly formed crater (at the time of its diameter was 225 m). At the border of the salt stock at a depth of about 1.5 km are oil and gas deposits, and above it – a cone-shaped cave Oksi-3 completes the “mise en scene” series of faults running from the oil reservoir to the side of the karst collapse. Also in the body of the dome near the cave Hydroxy-3 is a number of other man-made caves – both large and smaller size. Developing a height of 300 m (right) – a repository of liquefied butane (various sources by 1-1.5 million barrels). Right: The destruction of the salt cave Hydroxy-3 , flooding and dissolution of the edge of the diaper by the penetration depth of the groundwater and surface waters of the Lower Mississippi. The next step – other caves, with their unpleasant contents?

In September 2012, the in the western part of the dome at a depth of 45 m were found two cavities of natural gas . They prop up the aquifer at a depth of 35 m, which, according to experts, threatens their “merger” with the growing failure and the formation of the “big lake on penerskomu scenario.” [To repeat, the situation is reminiscent of the situation in Hutchinson before the fire of 2001.] Methane and other natural gases found in the 11 existing water wells. In total, the area has 36 underground tanks with hydrocarbons and 23 cavities in salt domes and mines . To test the idea that the gas bubbling in a dozen points may be due to its leakage from the pipes that pass through the area were blocked all pipes. It was found that the yields of gases with existing pipelines are not connected . At the same time, in September 2012, the well was drilled special seysmoskvazhina (to clarify the structure of karst collapse), but it turned out to be unmanageable (roughly gush gas and water), respectively, of its drilling was stopped and this well is cemented. After this, the Ministry of Natural Resources (DNR) ordered all companies doing work within the salt dome, pitting and burn natural gas (to avoid its accumulation and volume explosion). Chevron pledged to pump out the gas from its cavity. Sources : http://assumptionla.wordpress.com/ (local resource), http://enenews.com/ , http://bklim.newsvine.com/ . During the year, the funnel sinkhole “captured” an area of 24 acres (10 hectares) . Associated with the failure deflection earth’s surface, accompanied by the formation of cracks in the foundation and the soil, there is still at 40-49 acres (for future expansion to 70 or even200 acres , that is up to 80 ha ). 5 At the moment, the diameter of the failure of more than 300 m . His real depth (with the help of weight on the cable) and could not be determined. In any case, July 19, 2013th depth greater than 150 m(maximum length of the cable .) July 20 was another attempt to “get to the bottom” with a cable length of 225 m, however, and it was not enough. Geologist with 35 years of experience, Gary Hickox (Gary Hecox; gary.hecox @ shawgrp.com ; company Shaw Group Inc .), expert, regularly commenting on the changes taking place in the Bayou Corne, does not cease to repeat : “nothing like this in the history of mankind not there. ” All work in the vicinity of the lake and on its surface is often suspended (in periods of increasing seismic activity and gas emission). In water Hydroxy-3 appears more and more oil and output of natural gas ( including poisonous hydrogen sulfide , with a characteristic odor of rotten eggs ) is also observed foam unknown origin . Some residents of the district, even living at 7 km from the failure of the water coming from the tap off (in her high methane content). Crews research groups committing overflights karst lake on light aircraft, reported a strong smell of oil at an altitude of 150 m (1 th and 7 th August 2013 ). Unsurprisingly, the wind carries a pair of oil and hydrogen sulfide on the Bayou Corne, and the locals there are a range of diseases and conditions , very similar to the times described in this review petroleum poisoning . According to the environmental organization LEAN adviser Wilma Subra , 84% of residents there are headaches, nosebleeds, mood swings and insomnia. Subra blames these anomalies petroleum hydrocarbons, leakin karst failure. Dissolve the salt dome continues. Feeding failure and faults provide fresh water wetlands area. To prevent this, you can either draining the surrounding wetlands (which do not give the mighty Mississippi), or constantly erecting ever higher dams . However, due to subsidence of the surface, heavy rains and floods these levees break, and besides water inevitably penetrates into Hydroxy-3 through underground formations and together with precipitation. Generally, in the process of destruction of the salt dome role p. Mississippi could soon come to the fore. The fact is that under the beds of almost all the major rivers ( including Amazon ) lie giant underground pipes (a sort of network of underground tunnels), by which the river flows underground. 6 According to the blogger IdahoPickerReloaded (with elev. 3:41) alluvial aquifers over which is formed a funnel-shaped lake, will deliver a soluble salt body dome unlimited amount of fresh water. In his presentation on the underground rivers, this reviewer notes (from 4:25), that the surface tides in the lake Hydroxy-3 there are only a part of it . This fact IdahoPicker c binds water exchange processes between underground freshwater streams / cavities and sedimentary rocks in the border zone of the salt diapir. According to the expert of the Department of Louisiana conservation Don Marlin , at the beginning of July 2013th in the subsurface aquifer alone Bayu-root contains about 1 7 million m 3 of methane and other gases accompanying it. In four other formations, there may still be about 4.3 million m 3 [of elevation. 9:00]. It is assumed that annealing and natural gas scattering can take years 5 – provided that no new “income” of deposits Big Hum (as they likely will occur).

In October 2012 the depth of sinkholes was more than 130 meters (one of the sections of 3D-models). In July, the 2013th its depth exceeds 225 m More recent studies presented here . According to seismologists, in the area observed the growth of tectonic activity. Right: One of the places the output of natural gas – near trees growing near failure ( January 2013 ). One of the significant emissions of gas was observed December 21, 2012-th.

As experts believe, the root cause of the problem napoleonvillskoy – it works in the edge of the salt dome similar to hydraulic fracturing (crimping). As with conventional fracturing, water from the surrounding wetlands and aquifers, dissolved salt, formed in the body of the salt dome vast emptiness . In unstable geological conditions in these cavities at the periphery of the dome there were quite a strong single and multiple low-amplitude tremor ( up to 50 or even a few hundred per day ). In May 2013th geologist Gary Hickox said that the low-amplitude earthquake recorded in the area and other salt caves in diapers. Thus, the dome collapses, not only in the area of the cave Hydroxy-3. In this regard, it should be recalled that in the workings  of the dome are stored not only freight hydrocarbons, 7 but toxic industrial and radioactive waste . And the body of the salt dome at a depth of 1.5 km adjacent oil and gas field Big Hum . So under adverse conditions, all these “riches of the soil” can get to the surface. More precisely, already fall . established that oil and methane , arsenic, barium , radium (sic), (as of November 2012, the and is extremely toxic and flammable hydrogen sulfide 8 ) in ever larger quantities come to the surface . Tens of thousands of gallons of oil ( that is, thousands of barrels of crude oil and petroleum products ) have so far managed to gather in the traditional way – removing the oil film. According to experts, annealing gas flaring reduces these risks and, therefore, a threat to air explosion and poisoning ( November-December 2012-th ). As set out in several places torches supplied by 450-850 m 3 of gas per day (previously listed the order of4500 m 3 / d ). In December 2012, the lake surface. Hydroxy-3 was detected at least 8 new gas output . Overall, in the gases that threaten spontaneous and powerful surround explosion and suffocation locals 9 .


Torches, which utilizes Texas Brine gas coming through to the surface in the vicinity of a salt dome. Right: Yellow substance of unknown origin, occasionally rising to the surface from the bowels of the failure ( July 2013 ). Ability to make some believe that this sulfur is released from the reaction of hydrogen sulfide in the recovery.

The pressure at which there is a saline solution in an emergency cave is more than 40 atmospheres and remains unstable. What is the reason, the experts “do not know”, but believe that in all the salt-bearing region of Louisiana is deep injection pressure. The situation is comparable with a bottle of champagne, which removed the coil wire plugs and now the “seismically being shaken” … About once a month the lake surface begins to boil, and then heard the sounds of “burps “. During the above-described “burps” the gas flow from the hopper increases dramatically (see post from 22 марта 2013th and panoramic video from the August 8, 2013 , which shows the movement of water in the cup and the numerous areas of wildness methane). The volume of the eruption on the average is about 1,500 m 3 of gas. 10 Despite these alarming symptoms and events, Texas Brine decided to find out what was going on at the edge of the salt dome until February 2013th . Quite a strange sluggishness in the background of the situation in which the abyss of silence funnel tens of leaving dead and still alive 30-foot trees , and huge pieces ( at 2500m 2 ) “shoreline” of Lake Hydroxy-3 ( Oxy-3 ). The level of water in the “lake” is changed to 15 cm , and the surrounding area a huge crater begin to walk unusual “tidal wave” . The next post on this subject dated July 19, 2013 In addition to the tidal waves , seismometers are usually recorded at the control points increased seismic activity. In the basement , concrete slabs and walls of the buildings and on the ground cracks occur . Themselves open door shows the effect of “wiggle”.


Numerous circular cracks that form in the area of subsidence over the salt dome. In the center and right: Oil pipeline, pipe which is floating right on the surface of the karst lake Hydroxy-3-coated film of oil .

In June, the 2013th started to panic about the fact that the failure soon “swallow” dozens of nearby homes. Under intense pressure from local residents culprit disasters, Texas Brine announced that buys houses 44 owners who lived closest to the failure, and to settle the matter with hundreds of other families. However, in February of this year, it was reported that the property insurance area residents discontinued and is no longer extended . Judging by the fact that in the summer of 2012-th to July 2013th under the slabs and foundations of the houses recorded increase in concentrations of natural gas (to a value sufficient to surround the explosion ), a disaster can happen at any time. Note that high pressure stone salt behaves as toothpaste is squeezed from a tube. Perhaps it is this fact that explains the fact that the bottom of the cone making fast moves to the surface . Within a few months , it is up to half a kilometer (!) with -1808 m to -1280 m . Some believe that there is a bottom elevation . But the same “uplifting” can be explained by extrusion of existing structures from the bottom up, or a gradual filling of the cavity salt cave material, collapsing its roof and walls . In December 2012, the two professors from the University of Louisiana said that the bottom of the emergency salt cave completely dissolved, and the body of the salt dome is in direct contact with the beds, of which probably comes destroying its fresh water. Conclusions about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing works made ​​in the hours 14-4 , fully applies to the state of Louisiana, for a long time and with “guts” bought oil and gas tycoons, cut pipelines and refineries built up. 11 on the territory of Louisiana are about 13,000 abandoned wells (statistically one in six of them, “proceeds” ). With thousands of regular and quite noticeable aftershocks that register in Napoleonville salt dome, drain and migration of hazardous substances from the numerous emergency wells will increase. Near the funnel in the body of a salt dome are still fifty (!) workings , in which there are 34 companies operators (the largest of which – Dow). For years, they own salt domes were the objects of different experiments and underground nuclear tests (see also here ). And the fact that 30 caves in the crumbling salt dome belong infamous Dow Chemical Company , in which over various hydrocarbons and industrial waste, does not inspire confidence and optimism. Savvy suggests: if you want to arrange an environmental catastrophe at the desired location, you can use horizontal drilling from his area and destroy nearby underground cavern with an explosion or hydraulic fracturing techniques. This March, the agency Bloomberg and the Associated Press disseminated by scientists conclude that the 11 – fold increase in seismic activity in the piece. Oklahoma and an earthquake measuring 5.7 points were directly related to the work of fracture . This earthquake was felt in 14 states . Seismic activity associated with the removal of produced water (remember the quote from Sh Galliano 2008!)]. It turns out that the job is done, and the artist as an underground terrorist attack would not exist, everything is “self.” Oh, it seems to me no accident murderers of “Dow” appeared on the dome of Napoleonville. Are not murderers “former.” For political figures only senator from Louisiana Fred Mills ( Fred Mills ) clearly spoke out about what is happening in the Bayou Corne: “This is genocide. This is a problem of the whole state. Arsenic and other contaminants in the water here now [was] no longer, and the situation is deteriorating “ . 12 Mills links the health care crisis observed in the area of the lake. Pener, with the processes occurring in the salt dome and near. Caught in the water toxic hydrocarbons have caused the death of pets from cancer. And coupled with the lake. Pener aquifer Chico “watered” residents of 15 civil parishes, so recently began testing the quality of water within 10 miles of Lake karst collapse. Pener. Incidentally, in 2012, Mills made ​​to the Senate bill number 352, relating to the disaster on the lake. Pener and related water pollution, but the bill was blocked by the representatives of the oil and gas lobby. And despite the fact that the water quality in the vicinity of the lake. Pener in 32 years that have passed since the disaster, has been steadily deteriorating. “But this is a health issue, not a legal regulation” – outraged senator. – “In the Committee of Natural Resources of the bill is not even discussed.” At the same time, the government allows AGL Resources Inc. build a new salt domes objects, even without finding out what has caused The increased gas emission in the Lake. Pener and Napoleonville. “This company already has two salt domes – each the size of the former twin towers, but they want to get two more,” – says Mills. Assessments of what is happening in Louisiana with Millslm solidarity and retired Army Gen. Russel Honore ( Russel L. Honoré ) , cause to protect the interests of local residents Bayu-Korn. According to him , it is “an unprecedented environmental disaster.” Local people as they can, trying to fight for their health. A resident of the county civil Vermillion [east of Lake] Zhanniz Charlene (Charlene Jannise) sought the help of Senator Jonathan Perry and Representative Bob Hensgensu. “After my three dogs died of cancer, veterinarians urged me to control the composition of the water in our area, and it is very expensive tests. How to find these vets, animals react to carcinogens faster than a human. ” social activist Glo Conlin (Glo Conlin) speaks in the same vein: “Bayou Corne – it is man-made disaster, and even the scientists admit that [the problem], this is very complex and serious.The Ministry of Natural Resources continues to issue permits for companies to store materials in salt caves (including radioactive), and allowed Texas Brine upload them to the cave next to the flop, which is now collapses. The level of radium in the water is 15 times higher than acceptable. Oil, gas and other contaminants can enter the alluvial aquifer of the Mississippi and poison drinking water. And under the lake Pener is a salt dome with caves that hold natural gas [a civil Vermilion County Iberia]. The gas flow increases, and no one knows what it is to knit “ . Comments from other residents in the area not less anxious. “I live 50 miles from this failure and a little more than 10 years working in the oilfield. I’m no expert, but I have a feeling that this is going to end very, very badly!! Please, pray for us all, and, my God, have mercy on our souls “ . Someone Nolagotti adds : “It’s easy to say” go away. ” Here, all my family and friends I know all my life.Where should we go? What are we going to make a living there, which will move, where we live? Most people do not realize that entails moving “ . As mentioned earlier, the residents of nearby houses 150 Bayou Corne forcibly evicted in August of 2012, and is still not allowed to return to their homes. One of the reasons for the ban – the accumulation of methane under buildings , which may result in death from asphyxiation (under certain conditions, methane is heavier than air) and blasts of air-gas mixture (the first of these dangers spoke the local sheriff .) In the waters of civil Assampshn County , as in many other areas of the U.S., has repeatedly observed the death of fish . It is known that during the warm start ponds “bloom” and incidents can be explained by algae (including anaerobic). However, taking into account the leakage of methane from the ground in the vast territory of Louisiana, you should consider the fact that the dissolved methane in the water and he plays a “suffocating” role. Thus, the seemingly wanton destruction of the fish may be due to the “depth” of the process.

July 2013. death of fish in the area Assampshn. Right: The mass death of fish in the Gulf of Breton (Louisiana coast) ( May 2013 ) .

Global statistics – and this is important – tells the same story. 
in 2011 registered 145 cases of mass animal deaths (an average of 0.4 cases a day.) 
In 2012, there were 464 (or 1.27 per day), respectively. 
On September 4, 2013-th – already 574 (or 2.3 per day). Obviously, fend off this “deadly progression” will not work: from animals to a large extent depends on the life of us. It is also important that in the ocean are beginning to have massive epidemics of marine mammals. Only in the last month on the east coast of the United States to shore emissions of 330 dolphins became infected with morbillivirus. According to statistics on the banks find only one dolphin of 50 (the rest are drowning) so in reality it could be a loss of about 16,000 animals – and this is just one month! Actually it is the decay of the food chain in the world . The world’s media has not reported on these trends, but it sounds like thunder will soon burst. in March 2013th any rumors and concerns about the formation of a second failure of the salt dome. Then a new karst “hole” again talking in late July . While this information is not confirmed, but with a failure of the inhabitants of the Bayu-Korn enough worries. From 9-10 May 2013 the process of destruction of the salt dome has accelerated sharply, as the deflection of an area of 40 acres, destroying five locations in the newly constructed dams and bypass roads, water rushed from the surrounding wetlands. Actually, this dam was to prevent the intrusion of water and oil into the water system Bayu-Korn, but just the opposite happened. [How to protivovybrosnymi preventer from BP …] 

Oil on the surface of the lake above the salt dome Napoleonville ( October 2012 ). Right: One of the five breakthroughs mounds surrounding the water-filled failure that occurred during the May showers ( 10 May 2013 ).

A dam burst triggered torrential rains, which was preceded by an unusually violent activity of systems and scalar electromagnetic effects on the atmosphere . It is not surprising that reports of what is happening in the Louisiana swamps occur almost daily and are surrounded by an aura of sensationalism , apocalyptic expectations and prophecies . By the way, in the number of expected events includes the merger of the lake Hydroxy-3 with the water system of the Grand Bayou and Bayou Corne. It seems that in view of what is happening subsidence surrounding the earth’s surface to the center of failure, such an outcome is inevitable. So groundwater and flood waters, and the rainfall will flow to fail and dissolve the associated Napoleonville salt dome formation. Since May 2013th huge volume of fresh water has already hit the karst lake, its pressure on the underground cavity has increased, which means the process of destruction of the dome and strata associated with oil and gas deposits has accelerated. The more water there is more than the area of its contact with the salt, the faster the dissolution.

Screenshots from U.S. meteosaytov beginning in May 2013 (District of Oklahoma – Memphis). Following numerous synchronously emerging “rings” , parallel to the “cuts” ( directed impulses ) and the ” squares “, usually followed by the appearance of powerful cloud masses (right). Usually they are accompanied by large hail and tornadoes. Triggered by rains caused rising waters p. Mississippi and led to the destruction of embankments, fencing lake above the salt dome (roller for 7-8 May 2013 ). On the mechanism of conversion of natural storms in the “biblical floods” see this video .

It is also possible that the process of destruction of the salt formations in the area of the failure is on the rise. 18 июля 2013th received a message about the alarm system is triggered in a cave underground storage of Dow Hydrocarbons . This cave is located 3 km from the first collapse (on the opposite side of the salt dome Napoleonville). Gaseous emissions, accompanied by tidal waves on the surface of the lake Hydroxy-3 – as well as the seismic activity in the area of failure – continued in June 2013th . And in the middle of July 2013th local authorities ordered to stop all work near failure, since the concentration of methane in the air once again reached a critical level beyond which surround explosion could occur.At the end of August – beginning of September 2013th failure in Bayou Corne looks like this . Aquifers and soils are saturated with methane and residents of remote areas of the Bayou-Korn’s strongly recommended to keep the windows open to prevent the accumulation of methane in the basement and inside houses. Aftershocks continue and work near Hydroxy-3 and then suspended. In early September, seismic sensors ( LA12 , LA14 ) started to “go crazy.” Probably under the lake Hydroxy-3 began the movement of large masses of water . Once again went the talk of the impending catastrophe . should be noted that timing of seismic August 29 – September 4 with many large earthquakes in Alaska and Japan , and weak (induced?) tremors in many parts of the U.S. . In some cases (Texas) they are clearly linked to portions of the work GRP (magnitude of more than 4 points). In general, as said by a famous traitor, “the process has begun.” According to experts , liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons make their way to the surface is of deposits Big Hum . Moreover, geologists, Gary Hickox and Will Pettit argue that the Napoleonville salt dome borders directly with eight oil and gas bearing formations . 13 So, the lake Hydroxy-3 will quickly begin to fill up with oil as well as methane. The volume of this “feeding” is about and 750,000 m3 of oil and 14 billion m 3 of gas. During that could develop such an uncontrolled eruption of oil and gas in Louisiana,it is easy to imagine . The dissolution of the edge of the salt diapir is likely to lead to a repetition of the phenomenon of the lake Pener . Effectively collect oil and gas swirling and unpredictable, explosive surface “hole” area of 50 km2 hardly anyone can. Annealing of the flow of oil and gas escaping to the surface of the burgeoning failure would create a vast zone of alienation and chemical contamination. And let the process “take its course” – means to create an exclusion zone with the risk of spontaneous explosion of natural gas. If dissolving the salt dome – is, by and large, a local phenomenon, the salt tectonics and regional allocation of natural gas caused by the use of hydraulic fracturing and heating of the interior – is is the real basis for the regional scenario, without the Hollywood “happy ending” . And the prospect of increasing the concentration of methane in the atmosphere of 3000 will not benefit the biosphere and the current seven billion consumers.

Lake “Big fox”

Planned “behind the scenes” (and is still occurring) disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is multifactorial and is still accompanied by a powerful information cover. Although, in addition to residents of the affected states, today, few people even remember the events of 2010. Of all the major media outlets only in RT courage from time to time to issue another investigation or story on this topic. On the other hand, a lot of “garbage” and conflicting information, and contrived and false versions of the BP oil disaster that hit the internet, rapidly causes brain overload the ordinary man in the street. So the performances of such witnesses the disaster in the Gulf, known in the West as a photojournalist John Uaten ( John Wathen ) 14 are rare. However , analysts are of the “third wave” (and with the spring of this year New details of the accident) are beginning to gravitate to the versions which in 2010-2011. were ridiculed and anathematized. (We are talking about the researchers Michael Edwards and BC Lima . They were the pioneers, to reveal the true nature and extent of the genocidal project.), I present here an abridged translation of the article ” The film is a worst-case scenario “(19 August 2013). The author of this stylistically “clumsy” publication renamed Hydroxy-3, karst lake over Napoleonville salt dome in FUBAR , which in a mild form can be translated as “complete kapets.” The accuracy of the information on the source of information (of an anonymous insider) as yet not been verified, but a certain logic in the article is available. following information comes from a consultant managers ” Fortune 50 “, who happens to work in a global environment group (Global Environmental Group). 15 As a representative of this group he attended the weekly national conference calls in the first phase of the accident at the site of Macondo-252 . fact that emissions from the well [BP], along with the faults on the bottom, provoked the displacement of methane under the Bayu-Corn, however . Litigation materials BP by accident suggests that BP was three wells (instead of one). They took place a big problem, the consequence of which was gushing [well] Macondo. This blowout affected the frozen methane deposits on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Once the oil is hot BP came in contact with the frozen (solid) methane, that turned into a gas, which launched himself “the break.”This process […] is still going on. BP oil spill has caused severe destruction of the already shattered into fragments area [seabed]. In the course of killing the well casing had been torn up, and [now] in contact with the hot oil [methanehydrates]. In this scenario, hydrates and split [loop] salt formations forced their way to the Bayou Corne. In other words, [during] the accident BP [on the bottom] poured hot oil . Climbing up [the section], it [warmed] frozen methane, and he blew up.

The official response to the press service of BP on request Sherin Burley from November 9, 2010 : “On the MS252 license area was drilled only one well. ” Right: Location BP wells in the area of Macondo-252 (results of an independent investigation BC Lima). In the lower part of the figure – well D, and C (they have drilled to kill the oil discharge). Wells. “A” was drilled in October 2009 to a depth of 1.5 miles and abandoned in the middle of February of 2010, due to the gas release. Wells. “B” is almost reached 4 km mark , and also was lost due to an accident involving a gas. Illegally drilled wells. “BE” (its diameter casing exceed half a meter ) reached a depth of about 5.6 km and 20 April 2010 blowout of 1800 m below the surface of the Gulf (from the archives of Lima BC).

The biggest secret of BP is that it was the three points with the wells at the bottom, not just one . They have appeared as a result of illegal use of floating platforms . According to the [applicable] rules for the extraction of oil should be used stationary platforms, but [BP] fraudulently “went around the rules.” BP should not have been drilled in this fragile area, because there is the crust is thin. During the two days before the “big events” are having problems because of the loss of well control, but when it happens, is not well cemented, as it should be. As a result, methane stop this monster they [already] can not do. During the first days after the oil spill, we were shocked by learning in the course of its hearings on the events occurred. [BP] not only did not have to issue a permit to drill in the wrong place (because of the fragility of the geological structure and the extremely close proximity to the salt formation of the Gulf), [because] “margin for error” in such a place does not exist. The proximity of the salt formations would exacerbate any accident at the well. Loss of control could lead to the destruction of the casing. This means that even if the well and were able to seal out of it would ever be poured hot oil – both through natural faults, and through those that were caused by the drilling operations and subsequent attacks in the accident. more we learned about it , the greater the shock we experienced. In addition to complex situational conditions with wells there were numerous signs of problems with the wellhead. These problems were so many that meeting participants called [well] El Macondo only as El Diablo (The Devil). On top of that, [BP] is too often “cut corners”. Separately, these solutions might be insignificant, but [they had done so much that] they have selected all the “margin of safety” and Transocean doomed to perish. It seemed that no one thought about what was happening, and all the [body] was going to crash. Inability to accurately cement the well included a doomsday scenario. Among other things, this scenario is included and bubbling [now methane] swampy channels in the Mississippi Delta, and explosions on oil rigs. This has resulted in the destruction of salt domes. from the court’s records that: – At BP was 3 wells, not just one. – The well, which was shown on TV, has successfully cemented, but she had a leak from the lower. – The two other wells casings destroyed, one of these two wells and become the main source of oil. 

apparently [borehole] muted. However, the magma in this place of all the earth’s crust is only one mile. Stop it [the eruption] impossible. what the hell they are stuck there before “Dipuote Horizon” exploded? During BP oil disaster in the great number of the highly genetically modified (GM) bacteria – so that they “eat” oil . This topic was widely covered [in the media]. Not covered, however, is that these genetically modified bacteria do not eat no oil residue. They eat only “raw ingredients”, and everything else is left. A side effect of this [metabolism] – an increase of pressure in the low-productivity wells.  16 Here the bacteria worked “in his own way”, did not lead to the “chaff” and “moved” for refined petroleum. They love it and are looking for a way to it. And they indulge the pressure in the wells. And drilling [tools] stumble on methane [pocket] (not frozen, and methane gas) in the underlying strata of the Gulf. That methane that is released in the [Big Lake Arctic Fox], comes from the Macondo reservoir . There, on a plot of BP, the site of the 2nd and 3rd hole no casing string. To correct this situation is impossible. One would blow them up and float rocks nuclear mini-charge, but this idea was abandoned because the crust in that place too thin. BP would have cracked the Gates of Hell. As a solution to this problem involved the Department of Homeland Security, and many other major ministries, and with all they know about Bayou Corne and its connection with the disaster British Petroleum. Dams around the lake. Large fox erect not to protect the Bayu-root zone and water intake from pollution. Their mission – to prevent the fresh water to the salt caves , which were now defective. And on the BP disaster . At a time when there was an explosion on the rig was not the team “A” team was working there “B”. Team “A” knew to be dangerous on the platform, and do not want to work [in such circumstances]. Drilling is called “kicking” (gush gas, move, vibrate). The meter readings are [also] have pointed out that the situation on the rig unsafe. actions taken by BP, raise questions. To stop spouting gas is very dense drilling mud that is worth a lot of money. BP has refused its application, and the water pumped into the well with cement “filler” that have not passed the test. Remember, the explosions on two drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in July of this year? Ever since refused protivovybrosny preventer at the site Macondo blowout preventers denied on other rigs. They are unusable because out of the ground under high pressure into methane. 17 Under the Bay pumped hordes of genetically modified bacteria, and they create pressure surges in the oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico. These bacteria cause highly oil to move to the surface elsewhere. All of these can activate New Madrid. This explains the blind veil of silence in the media.  

Supporting materials: Final Report of the Study Group events on the “Dipuote Horizon” (pp. 33-35 – the quality of cement). Judicial materials on the oil spill at the well Dipuote Horizon. Admiral Allen – a deviated well the kill : “These two wells are now connected.” Indications professor Bob Bee ( University of California at Berkeley ) (that BP “has drilled in the wrong place”, the emissions of gas and a premature reduction of the load on the fluid) (p. 2).

should add that the other day to the previously described eruptions of methane in the Gulf of Mexico (accidents at oil platforms) added a message ruptured pipeline , owned by Chevron ( near the coast ). Naturally, companies that invest billions of dollars in research, drilling and oil production , can not be unaware of these risks and uncertainties. The current Gulf Coast plunges into the ocean, but no one wants to hear about it. Shelf slopes prone to landslides, and the probability of methane eruptions and tsunamis. The region and the coast of the continental shelf is divided by tectonic faults, riddled with hundreds of salt diapirs and generously stuffed with layers of methane hydrates. Keep production under such conditions is dangerous. In addition to the depth and land found dormant, and also quite active mud volcanoes and asphalt. In an atmosphere of warm-up of the upper mantle under difficult conditions above the Gulf of Mexico should expect big “surprises.” In the next part we will focus on volcanism in the Gulf of pipe sounds coming from the sky, on the earth’s climate machine and N. Tesla’s technology, used to Global solutions of the genocidal program.

Comments, compilation, translation: Sister Mercy


Previous parts

1 – By the way, now that zone cataclysm can be seen through the popular program GoogleEarth or fixed -line map . Coordinates: 30 º 0’39 “.40 N and 91 º 08’34 “.85 W Also refer to this thread archives August 2012 ( Part 1 and Part 2 ).

2 – Selection of “parallel”. Penerskaya and Napoleonvillskaya disaster began with “engineering mistakes”, that is, with the notorious “human factor” . On the lake. Pener barrel drill ” by mistake “is not directed into the reservoir, and in the underground mine at the edge of Jefferson Island salt dome. In Bayou Corne operator Texas Brine a modernization and pressure testing of the cave Geismar-Hydroxy-3 on the very edge of the Napoleonville Salt Dome, the integrity of the cave was broken and she began to break down . To create a disaster (as in the case of hydraulic fracturing and injection wells) is sufficient to deviate from the acceptable operating range, and begin the destruction of the fragile structure of salt …

3 – See his work ” Earthquakes, tectonic shifts and the deflections of the crust. Impact on the landscape of South Louisiana “(2005).

4 – In the November 2012 issue of buried radioactive waste violently debated by activists and residents of Louisiana.

5 – surface subsidence indicates that this area is “interested” in the area of failure. Actually, the process of destruction (dissolution) of the underlying rocks (salt) and leads to subsidence of overlying strata.

6 – More on this in a unique in its scope and a giant-sized book ” Underground Rivers “(files PDF, in 5 parts), written by professor emeritus of civil engineering at the University of New Mexico, Richard Heggenom ( Richard J. Heggen ; rheggen @ unm.edu ). In her much attention paid to the failures of the soil. 
Interestingly, in the popular video ” I’m Home Goat II ” elev. 7:15) and Internet users of different countries) is also used theme of the underground river ( with elev. 4:06 ) (as the “way” of Christ from the “throat” of the underworld to his “anus”). Subject Gulf of Mexico in the symbolic “cartoon” is also present (one of four tattoos on the map of terrorist attacks in the United States – to the left of George W. Bush., with elev. 0:36 ).

7 – 1 million barrels of liquefied natural gas – about 480 meters from the emergency cave.

8 – Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is very toxic. Threshold odor in the air – 0,000012-0,00003 mg / l. Inhalation of air with a small amount of hydrogen sulfide causes dizziness, headache, nausea. In the mouth there is a sweet metallic taste. At low concentrations pretty quickly there is habituation to the unpleasant smell of “rotten eggs” and he no longer felt (due to paralysis of the olfactory nerve). Acute poisoning person starts already at concentrations of 0.2-0.3 mg/m3. When the content of air higher than 1 mg / m 3 hydrogen sulfide odor is not felt at all. At these concentrations, one breath a person falls into a coma, he had convulsions, pulmonary edema occurs, and then comes death . toxic effect of H 2 S is enhanced by the combined action with petroleum gases such as butane, ethylene, propylene, butylene, with SO2 and AlF3, and CS2.

9 – It is important that the fact that the appearance of poisonous hydrogen sulfide in the air, local authorities concealed the whole day . This has given rise to the belief that until someone dies , this reticence to continue. A strange omission of the authorities, as if he had not learned the lessons of any of the disaster of 2010, …

10 – It is believed that migrates near the salt dome natural gas over time accumulate in existing mines and cavities, and then erupts to the surface of the funnel.

11 – See the interesting movie, ” The evolution of oil and gas wells in Louisiana for 100 years . “

12 – One of the messages Fox44 : In the well with Mr. Pate, who lives in a 6 km from the failure analysis of well water revealed high concentrations of arsenic, barium, as well as methane.

13 – By the way, in autumn 2012 in the neighborhood of the failure of the soil company Grand Gulf Energy has begun drilling for oil, hoping to get at a depth of about 3800 m is not less than 1 million barrels of oil .

14 – I highly recommend this performance and fotoprezentatsiyu all speak English. Like many residents of the Gulf coast, Uaten still ill from neftekoreksitovogo poisoning (with elev. 24:44).

15 – Name of the Global Environmental Group, driven by the author with the indefinite article, is a bit strange. Find information about an organization I could not. Perhaps so, “encrypted” by simply “encrypt” and the informant.

16 – On this subject, and a lot of convincing wrote retired U.S. Army colonel and former military investigator, Michael Edward .

17 – As indicated previously, the yields of methane are global in nature, so that all phenomena can not be reduced to only one bacteria. However, methane catastrophe in Hutchinson (2001, see Part 14-6 ) showed that the gas and can indeed overcome the very considerable distance, “gliding” on the border of the salt deposits.



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9/27/2012 — Dutchsinse from 8-10PM CST — Deep Earth Bunker Radio

9/27/2012 — Dutchsinse from 8-10PM CST — Deep Earth Bunker Radio.
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8 more days til…

8 more days till I turn 41. This year I am feeling very detached to birthday celebrations.  Wanting so badly to break away from what society tells us is normal. Like making a big deal for bdays, or cinco de mayo, how about valentines day. I hate having to follow along. I will use valentines day as my example. I personally do not want to keep feeding the consumer machine. BUT i keep on because I don’t want my children to be the kids that didn’t bring valentines cards and candy. 
With this being 2012 my view of our future based on our past is grim to say the least….if I have to spend money on bdays can’t we like change it up to  hey in honor of your bday i will buy XX amount of emergency food, or XX number of batteries and flash lights. 
C O N S U M E  C O N S U M E   C O N S U M E…….. 

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